Who Is the PTA?

We all are!

Parents and guardians along with teachers at Thousand Oaks pool their talents to provide practical support for our school.


You can participate by coming to a meeting or event, by joining the PTA, or by signing up to help with something for as little as an hour


Here are the PTA Event Leaders and Board for this year. We'd love to answer your questions or say hi, so give a shout!


PTA BOARD 2019-2020

President: David Kerr, toptapresident@gmail.com

Executive Vice President: Rebecca Jelen, toptaevp@gmail.com

Membership & Directory: Hollis Williams, toptamembership@gmail.com & Sylvia Riddick

Programs: Lydia Clarke, toptaprograms@gmail.com

Fundraising: Open

Communications: Matt Lehman & Melissa Bovee, toptacommunications@gmail.com

Hospitality: Robyn Hartzell & Kellianne Benson, toptahospitality@gmail.com

Secretary: Stacey Schesser & Melanie Thomas, toptasecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Trang Robinsontoptatreasurer@gmail.com
Financial Secretary: Andrew Murrell

Auditor: Marianne Bitlertoptaauditor@gmail.com

Historian: Kim Rowan, toptahistorian@gmail.com

Teacher Liaison: Bill Briggs billbriggs@berkeley.net

Parliamentarian: Lorianna Seidlitz-Smith. toptaparlimentarian@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Open 

Safety/Emergency Preparedness: Audrey Alforque Thomas, toptaemergency@gmail.com

Room Parent Coordinator: Karen Tompkinstoptaroomparent@gmail.com

Enrichment Coordinator: Lydia Clarke toptaenrichment@gmail.com

Family Fund Liason: Cari Sietstra sietstra@gmail.com

BPTA Council Liaison: Hollis Williams hollis.williams@gmail.com

Green Team: Renee Jansenreneejansen@gmail.com 

Wellness Team: Vika Teicher, vikateicher@yahoo.com



Giving Campaign: Renee Jansen, reneejansen@gmail.com
Readathon: Robyn Hartzell, robynhartzell@gmail.com
Auction Donations: Hanah Creasey & We Need A CoChair!
Auction Party: Rebecca Jelen, rjelen426@gmail.com and Jenn Gillisjenn.terraciano@gmail.com
Runathon: We need a leader!
SWAG: Kellianne Benson, kellianne.s@gmail.com 
Amazon Affiliates: John Buchanan, jbhberk@aol.com
Golden Gate Fields Day: Kellianne Benson


Kinder Play Dates/Potluck: Lorianna Seidlitz-Smith, Karen Tompkins & Liza McNulty
Back to School BBQ: Jenn Gillis, jenn.terraciano@gmail.com
Walk and Roll to School & Bike Safety: John Buchanan, jbhberk@aol.com & 
Helen Toyhelen_toy@yahoo.com
Harvest Festival: Jenn Gillis & Keila Russell
Halloween Parade: Nancy Harris, nancy.harris@hotmail.com
Science Fair: Duffy Ross, dufficita@gmail.com
Valentines Day Dance: Lauren Anduri, lauren.anduri@gmail.com 
Teacher Appreciation Week: Emily Brodemily.brod@pm.me
Carnival: Liza McNultyLorianna Seidlitz-Smith  
5th Grade Graduation Party: Karen, Matt, Kellianne
Book Fair: Jennifer Gillis, jenn.terraciano@gmail.com
Pancake Breakfast: Melissa Bovee, melissa.bovee@gmail.com


PTA Resources

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