KidPower - Adult Parent/Guardian Workshop, Childcare Provided


Parents, educators, & other adult leaders: learn social safety skills to keep kids safe with people! This class focuses on issues between peers as well as safety out in the world for kids who are increasing their independence.

Pizza and childcare provided. Workshop will be for adults. Multipurpose room.

We’ll practice how to protect kids from harm & how to prepare them to take charge of their own safety in the real world. We’ll show age-appropriate ways to:

• Make safety plans for public places
• Make ‘Home Alone’ safety plans
• Move away from possible trouble
• Follow Stranger Safety rules
• Set & respect boundaries
• Use safety skills online
• Be & act aware & confident
• Stay safe from hurtful words
• Get help from adults in public
• Stop unwanted touch & attention
• Deal with peer pressure & bullying

Free (donations to KidPower at the meeting are welcome).

Thursday, February 20, 2020 6:15pm – 8:15pm

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