Here are ways to get news about your event to the school community:


E-news and/or Facebook
Send content and any links or images to for inclusion on the eNews or our Facebook page. If you're a Facebook user also please consider sharing and commenting on our posts.


Principal's Newsletter 

Send a blurb to Principal Jacqui Parker for her monthly newsletter at


Emails via Room Parents

If your communication is relevant to classrooms, you can ask the Room Parent Coordinator to request that room parents send out an email to their classrooms. Send an email to


Blue Folders

For PTA and official school events, you can make fliers for the weekly Blue Folders that go out Wednesdays. Here are the steps:

  • Create your flier, and translate into Spanish (using Google Translate if necessary)

  • Ensure your event has a budget to cover the cost of copies (~$0.10 for each printed side in black and white, ~$0.60 for color printing per side)

  • Bring your original to Copy Central (near the intersection of Solano Ave and Peralta Ave) by Monday morning. You can email them a file but it costs $3 extra. Their phone is 527-5800.

  • Ask Copy Central to collate it based on the standing order for Thousand Oaks PTA. (see below)

  • If it's for a PTA event that has a budget, you do not have to pay for copies. Copy Central will create an invoice for the PTA and bill us later. You will be asked to sign an invoice when you pick up your copies. Be sure to list which event you are making copies for on the invoice and sign your name LEGIBLY in case the treasurer has questions.

  • Bring your copies to the teacher’s workroom (adjacent to the main office) and distribute them into the teacher’s mailboxes by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning at the latest. Many teachers collect blue folder handouts on Tuesday.

  • Copy Central will print 19 sets of 24; 18 go to the classrooms, and the 19th set will be for the office.



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