17th Annual Thousand Oaks Science Fair 

This year’s science fair will take place on Friday, March 20, 2020 from 6 – 8 pm in the TO cafeteria. This free family event welcomes all!



What is the Science Fair?

For the past sixteen years, the Thousand Oaks PTA, in partnership with science and classroom teachers, have organized and run this community-focused, non-competitive celebration of science learning. Our Fair attracts hundreds of students and their families. After weeks and months of preparations, students’ final projects are showcased. In addition, a variety of community science exhibitors, from Camp Galileo to the Society of Women Engineers, lead hands-on activities all around the room. Mini-burritos are provided for all attendees. Join us - it’s fun for the whole family!


Community science organizations, from Cal science and engineering groups to science camps, lead hands-on science activities for all ages!


TO science fair goals include:

  • Connect to and enhance Thousand Oaks' existing science curriculum
  • Encourage student-driven, project-based learning that incorporates research, writing, argumentation, and mathematics into science
  • Provide the support necessary for all students to participate 
  • Expose students to a diversity of science role models
  • Create an inclusive space for all families to celebrate their child’s science learning


Who Can Participate?

  • All Thousand Oaks students are invited to participate!
  • Fourth and Fifth graders, per tradition, are required to do a project, either alone or in a pair. They will be guided through project development during their science classes with Teacher Julie from January-March. While the majority of work is covered in class, some portions (including data collection) will be done at home.
  • Kinder-Third graders may participate in a whole class project with their classroom teacher.
  • Kinder-Third graders are equally invited to submit an additional (solo, paired, or small group) project, if desired.


Kinder Teacher Patty Casetta showcasing her young students’ diligent investigative work!


What Kinds of Projects?

  • Students are highly encouraged to come up with original questions from their own lives and wonderings
  • Students who need a boost may consult the internet’s copious resources on science fair questions, and if necessary, replicate an existing investigation to confirm a result
  • Students may investigate scientific questions or design an engineering project
  • Students may do whole class projects (K-3), work alone or in pairs

What Will You Need?

First, you’ll need the official project guidelines.

Second, you’ll likely want to use some of these helpful project development tools:

Third, you’ll need a project display board. Tri-fold Project Boards are generously provided by the Thousand Oaks PTA to:

  • All 4th and 5th grade students
  • All K-3 classroom teachers (for whole class projects)
  • Any K-3 student for whom the purchase of a board presents a financial burden. (Note: The PTA appreciates that K-3 students doing their own projects purchase their own tri-fold board around the corner at Payne’s Stationers on Solano Avenue.)


Get Involved!

To make all of this happen, we rely on family support - both before and during the science fair. Please consider lending a hand with any of the following:

  • All (but especially 4-5 Parents): Assist Teacher Julie in 4th and 5th grade classes as students develop their projects. She needs additional adults to help coach through the many steps!
  • All: Gently assist your child at home with their project (though parents are highly encouraged to allow students to guide their own learning!)
  • K-3 Parents: Volunteer to help your child’s class/teacher with a class project (ideally connected to learning they are already doing in class)
  • All: Help at the event itself: collect boards, set up projects in the cafeteria, hand out burritos, and clean-up!

Sign up to volunteer! Email Duffy Ross, parent coordinator, at dufficita@gmail.com

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